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Lol I think I can post here without anyone irl reading it. All I wanted to say really was that I feel like total shit for that night. We were both at fault, but, I shouldn't have done what I done. We both said "no hard feelings", but as days go on, I just feel like shit more and more for doing what I did to him. 

So I repaired a relationship today

Well, I wouldn't say I repaired it, but, everything seems amicable. 
Although I don't want to use the high schooler in me and say that those 2  facebook status updates were directed towards me, but yeah, those 2 facebook status updates were probably directed towards me. 

Very stubborn and stupid. 

oh, yeah I'm screening comments now, I got like, 5 spams comments on my last entry, INCLUDING  gamer_skank !!!

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